What Is a Structural Engineers Report and What Does It Consist of?

A structural engineers report is a document that portrays the results of analysis and design of structures that support or resist goals. It is a visual property inspection performed by a chartered structural or civil engineer. The report contains a lot of detailed information about a property and can be used for a series of purposes, which will be named later. The report contains general information like property address, report date, the name of the engineer and an image of the front of the property. The document then states the purpose of the report (for instance pre-purchase structural advice) and the area of concern. This is followed by a set of recommended actions to address the issue. The report’s conclusion usually states that after critical areas are fixed, the property will regain its stability. The structural engineers report also states topography and geology features and further details about the issues that concern the property and which should be addressed. The report goes well into the detail and even assesses whether the roots of nearby trees can damage the foundation of the house.

Who Needs a Structural Engineers Report?

Generally, there are three main reasons why customers require the report. Firstly, there is the type of people who want to buy a house and a Mortgage Valuation or Building Survey has identified possible structural defect and needs a structural engineer to validate the structure. The reports are also needed by vendors who have trouble selling their property because there is a problem of structural nature. Potential buyers benefit greatly from a structural engineers report because it helps clarify any concerns. And lastly there is a group of homeowners and commercial owners alike who need a Feasibility Report before they resort to structural changes to existing property.

Specific Defect Report

The engineer focuses on specific issues that prompted the surveyor who mentioned these issues in a survey or a validation report. If there is a crack on a property, the engineer will get to the bottom of the problem and suggest solutions relating to the repair. The report will also reveal how much money it would take to have the damage repaired. Sometimes a Lender needs only the structural engineers report to apply for a mortgage.

Whole Building Report

If you think that there are multiple issues concerning the structure of the property, you should opt for a Whole Building Report. The engineer will focus on the property as a whole, and not just places that seem problematic. The report reveals whether the property is of sound structure.