Structural Design Calculations

Structural Calculations

Structural engineering and structural calculations in London are an integral part of the design and construction phase. Every structure has to meet a certain design criteria to coincide with the conditions for which they were built. This means starting from foundations which are the starting point for any stable structure all the way up to the roof structure which has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of snow and wind.

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Additions or alterations to existing structures initially seem like an easy undertaking but without the help of an experienced and qualified structural engineer who provides the relevant structural calculation, the job might be potentially unsafe or suffer budget loss.

In the UK, every structure planned for load bearing capacity has to be designed with a structural engineer. Whether it is a loft conversion, home extension, residential or commercial structure, there is an inherent need for precise structural calculations. This includes load bearing walls which can be tricky to remove or altered and a replacement structural element such as a single steel beam is required in most cases.

Any structural alterations made to any building needs approval from Building Control and this can be useful when the property is sold as it proves that it complies with the appropriate building standards. Structural engineers normally liaise with the council inspector or private building inspector who checks the structural calculations and issue approval.

Where there are architects or party wall surveyors involved in a project, Structural Engineers work with them in order to get a more accurate idea of the requirements needed and make the adjustments necessary to ensure the architectural design criteria is still met according to clients and architects wishes while alterations are still structurally safe and sound.

In addition, in most old UK houses, there could be many hidden structural elements underneath such as unsupported chimney! or a hidden pipe which cannot be seen unless after property is stripped out where plasterboard is taken off and/ or ground is exposed. For such situation it is very important the project contractor/builder on site reports to the Structural Engineer who might change the structural calculations to suite the situation and allow work to be carried safely.

At Structural Engineers in London, we have wide experience in thousands of alterations and conversions projects (lofts, extensions, basements, new builds) and can prepare all necessary calculations and drawings to achieve the completion stage successfully.